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Knights of Nightsong

Battle of Westeros Expansions

The final expansions for the Fantasy Flight Game Battle of Westeros were completed for a client.  This particular commission took a while due to the vast amount of miniatures involved. Considering the price of these expansions, they are great value for money (horrible though if you have to paint them). Being 15mm […]

Battle fo Westeros: Lords of the River

Battle of Westeros Characters

Finally all the Battle of Westeros expansions commission are completed with their characters now painted. Below are the finished characters from (links to Boardgamegeek):   Battles of Westeros: Tribes of the Vale Battles of Westeros: Wardens of the North Battles of Westeros: Wardens of the West Battles of Westeros: Lords of […]

Tully Longbowmen

Lords of the River

More Battle of Westeros miniatures completed. These are for the expansion Lords of the River. These are part of a larger commission to paint up several of the Battle of Westeros Expansions. The cards from the game were supplied so that I could follow the colour scheme. For those of you […]

Wardens of the West troops

Wardens of the West

As part of a commission to paint up all the expansions of the Fantasy Flight game Battle of Westeros, I’ve just completed the Wardens of the West. Here are some shots of the colour scheme that follows the game cards imagery.


Robb & Rickard

The final characters for the Battle of Westeros board game are two Starks; Robb and Rickard who are both horse mounted. These are the final miniatures from the commission. We begin painting as always with a black undercoat. Let’s start with Robb first…


Addam & Tywin

The first characters on horse back are the Lannister’s Addam and Tywin. Both characters armour had to reflect their high born status and thus included a little gold (or a lot in Tywin’s case). We begin by painting Addam…


Maege & Great Jon

 The last two Battle of Westeros characters on foot have now been finished. They’re both Starks; Maege and Great Jon. Great Jon was the first to be painted.


Kevan & Eddard

Another two characters from Battle of Westeros have been completed. This time one from the Lannisters and one from the Starks; Kevan and Eddard. The painting began with the usual black undercoat prior to basecoating and highlighting.

Battle of Westeros Jamie and Gregor

Painting Jaime & Gregor

The first two characters from the Battle of Westeros game have been completed. This being Jaime Lannister and Gregor Clegane. Both miniatures were undercoated in black. Each miniature was painted with multiple highlights to ensure better blending.

Battle of Westeros Stark Warhost

Stark Warhost and Archers

The last forces of the Stark’s is now completed; the Warhost and the archers. With so many miniatures in the Warhost, this part of the commission took the longest. Painting again was done in a production/assembly line process whereby I painted a segment on each of the miniatures first before […]