Commission Work

To begin with you will need to decide what level of painting quality you would like for you miniature(s). It is suggested that you pick the higher level for your characters and the lower levels for you regularly infantry. For example a normal Space Marine army for Warhammer 40k would use a level 4 quality for characters and all the other Space Marine infantry would be a level 3.

You can also find the price list on the Painting price list page.

Next you will need to decide whether you would like us to assemble your miniatures either using our standard assemble method or a more robust extended assembly method (perhaps even magnetising certain parts of your miniature/model). Prices for assembly are listed in the spreadsheet as well as on the assembly page.

Then you will need to decide how you want your miniatures based. Not only do you need to decide whether you want your miniatures on a forest base, a desert base or a muddy base, but you will need to decide the quality level of the base itself. There is a standard base quality right through to a Display base quality with all sorts of details to promote the miniature. By default you will get the Standard basing included in your painting price. Please see the Basing pricing page for more details on other basing options.

Once you have made all these decisions, you will want to contact us with your commission request using the contact page. Just provide a list of your miniatures you want painted and the quality level (and assembly level if required).

We will then get back to you with a conclusive price quote as well as a estimated time frame to start and complete the commission by.

At this point you may change some of your commission options or declining or accepting the commission.

If you accept the commission, we will tentatively lock in a commission slot for you and send through a deposit invoice of 25% to secure the commission. Once the deposit is paid, we will provide you with details as to how to provide your miniatures to us as well as providing you a logon to our client hub where you will be able to manage you commission’s quotes and invoices as well as communicate to the artist and receive work in progress imagery of your commission.

Once the commission is completed, we will send through final images for you to approve. We will then send through a final invoice. Once paid the miniatures are carefully wrapped and sent back to you.


Please fill out the form on the Contact Us page if you are interested in getting a quote for a specific project.

For more information regarding our commission service:


We do provide discounts for bulk commissions, for our regular clients or for specials (see our news section of the website for when these occur).

  • 5% discount for commissions totaling over $500
  • 10% discounts for commissions totaling over $1000
  • 5% discounts if commission is paid in full prior to commission start

Commission Service Information


  1. A non-refundable deposit payment of 25% is required to secure commission slot prior to work beginning. This is made through PayPal or bank deposit.
  2. After the deposit is made, you will be sent a work order form where you will need to provide information regarding the colour scheme or the type of paint work you would like done to the miniature.
  3. Miniatures are supplied to us (Either you may send us your miniatures, or you can purchase the miniatures and put our delivery address in as the shipping address)
  4. We will begin the painting and supply regular photos throughout the progress of the commission through our ‘Client Hub’ web page. You will also be able to communicate directly to the artist through this site.
  5. Once the painting is completed, we will request final approval from you that the commission has been completed.
  6. Once approval from you is confirmed, we will send through the final invoice which will include the return postage cost for the commission, all of which can be paid through PayPal or bank deposit.
  7. Once paid, we will send the painted miniatures which will be carefully packaged back to you.


To secure the commission slot and to begin work on the commission, we require a non-refundable 25% deposit. If we are required to purchase the miniatures on your behalf, you will need to also provide the cost of the miniatures and its subsequent postage in the upfront cost prior to start of the commission. The remaining amount of the commission total will be due after the commission is completed and you have approved the work.

The time frames for starting and completing your commissions are indicators only. Unfortunately there will be times where unforeseen issues will arise (be it personal or be it delays due to previous commissions) which may delay the start and or completion time of your commission. Please be aware of this, as in the case you have a time sensitive commission you may need to seek out another commission business.


If we do not hear from a client for 2 weeks after sending final photos and invoice, we will try to contact your to ensure that the emails were received. However, if after 8 weeks we have not heard from a client the models are forfeited by the client and they become the property of Centerpiece Miniatures in Canberra, ACT, Australia. Centerpiece Miniatures reserves the right to keep or sell the property that is forfeited by the client. By contracting our services you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the terms and conditions of this business transaction.