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Huge Dungeon and Dragon Miniatures

This commission had 100 miniautures from various companies painted to level 3 painting standard. They were intended to be used for role playing purposes. 


D&D Mimics!

A real quick one here, some Mimic creatures from D&D painted to level 3 quality.


3D Printed D&D Miniatures

These 3D printed miniatures were supplied by the client. They were to be painted to level 4 quality following a particular colour scheme that represent the clients characters in his RPG game.


D&D Dragon Cultist Miniatures

This may look like i’ve reposted this series of miniatures again, but these were painted for another client. Guess lots of people running the same D&D campaign. These were painted to level 3 quality.


D&D RPG Miniatures

This is a nice and interesting commission. It was for a collection of monsters and D&D heroes that was being painted up for a clients campaign. These were painted to level 3 quality.


D&D Wizards!

I do enjoy painting RPG miniatures. I’m always excited to see how the client wants their particular character painted to take in all their particular characteristics and personalisations that they have invested through their games in be reflected on the minature. This commission the client wanted to have one of […]


3D Printed Orc RPG Miniature

This 3D printed orc miniature was painted to our Level 4 Quality. The client wanted the clothing to be earthy colours with a fur cloak. Each of the fur lines on the coat had to be painted with a 000 brush – of course this took a little time to […]


D&D Miniature

We’ve recently received quite a few single miniature commissions for various RPG games. I’m not sure of the manufacturer of this particular miniature but it is to be used as a client’s RPG character. It is painted to our Level 4 Quality.

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