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Cygnar Warmachine

Cygnar Battleforce

Something a little different this time. This Warmachine Cygnar force had been split between Tabletop Quality and Standard Quality. Captain Dominic Darius, Journeyman Warcaster, Thunderhead Warjack & Captain Arlan Strangewayes are all painted to Standard Quality where as all the other infantry and Warjacks are at tabletop quality. The Thunderhead […]


Cygnar Lord Commander Stryker

This completed commission was for the Privateer Press Cygnar Lord Commander Stryker. Let me start off by saying that the very first thing that had to be done with this miniature was to have pinned his feet to his supplied base. There is such little contact surface with this miniatures […]

Warmachine Cygnar

Complete Warmachine Cygnar Army

Well finally the Warmachine Cygnar army has been completed. The army was commisisoned to be painted to tabletop quality by our artist Lee.

There was a considerable amount of miniatures involved here, but as you can see Lee was able to produce a very nice tabletop quality which you can see below in a good time frame.

Blood Bowl
Weekly Updates

Whats on the Painting Table

Apologies all, its been a few weeks without a commissions update. This was due largely to all the flu and sickness going around. So very little was painted and I was too sick to put up any updates. Thus this weeks update is a little larger than normal. This week has had a lot of Warmachine miniatures painted up (which is makes a nice change from the normal Games Workshop products).

Weekly Updates

Whats on the Painting Table

Well it was a small week of painting due to all the public holidays and the Easter break. I actually found time to play a game of Relic (by FFG) in which i got beaten soundly.

Weekly Updates

Whats on the painting table

´╗┐Lots of new commissions arriving and completing this week. To begin with some nice Khador Winterguards are about to be completed and shipped out, keep an eye on the posts this week for more pictures of that.

A whole stack of inbound commissions have arrived and have begun going under the knife for cutting and cleaning. I’ll be working on some Infinity miniatures at the start of this month, with some Blood Bowl miniatures later in the month.

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