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Space Marine Blood Angels

Space Marine Blood Angels force painted to level 3 quality.


Blood Angel Eliminators

Blood Angels Eliminators painted to Level 3 Quality.


Blood Angel Characters

Warhammer 40k Blood Angel characters that were custom built by the client. These were painted to level 4 quality.


Start Collecting! Blood Angels

The Blood Angel starter box “Start Collecting! Blood Angels” was painted to our level 2 painting quality. This level is great for large amount of infantry or vehicles for quick play.   At level 2 most of the base coatĀ and highlights are done with an airbrush and the details being […]

Space Hulk

More Space Hulk

Just finished another Space Hulk commission from our Space Hulk sale a few months back. This commission has a small tweak to the colour scheme of the Genestealers in that it was to follow the Hive Fleet Leviathan colours. For the Space Hulk terminators, I changed tactics with the base […]

Space Hulk 3rd Edition

Space Hulk – Tabletop Quality

Just completed a Tabletop Quality version of Space Hulk. We tried something a little different and used directional airbrushing for the main colours. The big benefit for the client is that it gives various shades of the main colour as well as giving a more realistic lighting effect all for […]

Painting Space Hulk Blood Angel Terminator

Blood Angels – Painting Red

A quick run through on how i’ve painted the red on the Blood Angel Terminators from Space Hulk. I started by undercoatingĀ the terminators in black. I the located the areas that were to be painted in red and painted several thin layers of GW Blood Red. I did this rather […]