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Chaos Decimator

Chaos Decimator Completed

The Chaos Decimator has been completed. The only instructions for this commission were that it had to be dark and grim, weathered and in red and gold colour scheme. It’s very war damaged and as such I’ve used a lot of weathering powders and soot powders around exhausts and joints. The feet have kicked up some dirt so they are weathered in a dirty brown as well.

Red Space Wolves Drop Pod

Red Space Wolves Drop Pod

Another commission completed. The criteria for this Space Marine Drop Pod was to paint it red with suitable weathering for the Space Wolves chapter.

Ultramarine Dreadnought
Painting Tutorials

Painting Guide – Ultramarine Dreadnought

Several people have asked me how the blue has been painted for the Ultramarine force that we recently did for a commission. In this guide, I’ll cover how we painted the Ultramarine Dreadnought and the two colors that made up its primary colors; the blue and the gold.).

Painting Tutorials

Painting Guide – Imperial Fist Vindicator

In this is a painting guide, we go through the basic process for painting an Imperial Fist Vindicator tank, including such things as paint chip marks and engine soot. The overall basic painting does follow closely way we painted the dreadnought that we showed in the previous week so we will recap those basic paint instructions in this article as well.

Imperial Fist Dreadnaught
Painting Tutorials

Painting Guide – Imperial Fist Dreadnought

This is a Painting Guide. In it we will go through a basic walk through on how to paint this vehicle up in Imperial Fist colors. This is not a step by step guide (which is another new type of guide which we will be bringing out shortly), and it is assumed that you have painted before.

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