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Horus Heresy Board Game

Horus Heresy Board game (FFG)

We’ve just recently completed painting the Horus Heresy Board game pieces from Fantasy Flight Games. All the pieces were painted by Damien. All the chaos factions match their corresponding god’s colors.   Horus Heresy Board game  


Another Imperial Assault Completed

Not much to say here other than another Star Wars Imperial Assault commission completed. It’s very much like the last commission completed at Standard Quality except with a clean non battle damaged AT-ST. Again all the Light Sabers were given glowing effects. Here are the pictures:

Imperial Assault

Star Wars Imperial Assault

  I finally got to paint some of the gorgeous Star Wars Imperial Assault miniatures from Fantasy Flight Games. When this game first came out I purchased a box set for myself but unfortunately I’ve not had the opportunity to even base coat mine yet. Now I have two commission […]

Fortune and Glory Boardgame

Fortune and Glory Boardgame

One more board game commission completed. Fortune and Glory is another game from Flying Frog productions. The miniatures are a soft plastic which means that the cleaning them up for painting was quite easy, but the level of details (the crispness of details) was a little lacking. Some of the […]


A Touch of Evil Board Game

The latest batch of miniatures off the painting assembly lines was for a commission for the board game A Touch of Evil by Flying Frogs Productions. There is 8 heroes that must solve and hunt down evil in a village. The setting appears to be in the late 1700s. All […]


Talisman Firelands Expansion

A quick update just to show another completed commission. These guys are from the Talisman Expansion: Firelands. All the miniatures were painted up to resemble the character cards from the game. They were all painted to our ‘Standard Quality’.

Weekly Updates

Whats on the Painting Table

Another busy week finished and I still have a large mess on my work tables. Lots of building, pinning, gluing and undercoating happening here at the moment for the next batch of commissions. For this week we’re finishing off the Relic Nemesis busts (and if possible starting the Relic Core bust sets), painting up some Chaos Rhinos and finally constructing a Millenium Falcon model for painting.


Mice and Mystics

Mice and Mystics is published by Plaid Hat Games. The miniatures I admit are fantastic and reminds me of some childhood cartoons I used to watch with swashbuckling mice and evil garden creatures. The Mice colour scheme followed the artwork on the cards from the game as closely as possible.

Talisman The Dragon Expansion

Talisman – Every Expansion Painted!

Over the past several months, we have been painting as part of a commission the entire Talisman Board game (including expansions) range by Fantasy Flight miniatures. Here is the results!

Talisman sage & Knight

Talisman Board Game

A quick update today to let know what I’ve been working on. I’m currently working on a Talisman set for a client; all the miniatures for all their expansions. I’ve lost count of how many miniatures there acutally are, I think it’s in the realms of 50 or 60 miniatures. Here are some images of those that are completed.

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