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Sons of Horus
Painting Tutorials

Painting the Sons of Horus colour

Recently I painted a Sons of Horus Space Marine for the Horus Heresy game. I realised only after I started that the paint scheme would make a good tutorial as the colour is completely custom-made. So I had a Mk1 Rogue Trader miniature that I have always wanted to make […]

Painting Tutorials

Painting my Ultramarine Army – Part 2

After using the colours and concepts discussed in the first part of the series, I’ve completed the first Ultramarine squad – a Terminator Squad. All the squad members were painted the same way as the prototype in part one of this series. They all had the barrels of their weapons […]

Ultramarine Terminator
Painting Tutorials

Painting my Ultramarine Army – Part 1

This will be the first part in a series on my collection and painting of my Ultramarine Space Marine Army. I intend to do put some tutorials as well as ideas, concepts and thoughts as I progress in collecting, building and painting my army. I’ll begin with a small introduction […]

Shadow Hold Troll
Painting Tutorials

Painting Guide: Twelve Elements of War Kickstarter Miniature – Shadow Hold Female Troll

We were recently commissioned to paint the Shadow Hold Female Troll from the Twelve Elements of War Kickstarter to a Display Standard. The miniature itself is a finely detailed resin model supplied in two parts; the body itself and the arms holding the axe.

Painting Marble for Miniatures
Painting Tutorials

Painting Marble Bases

In this tutorial we’re going to covers how to paint marble effect on smooth surfaces such as miniature bases or pillars. The paint colors used in this tutorial will provide a white/bone color marble, but you can use your own colors to give the desired look your after. An idea […]

Ultramarine Dreadnought
Painting Tutorials

Painting Guide – Ultramarine Dreadnought

Several people have asked me how the blue has been painted for the Ultramarine force that we recently did for a commission. In this guide, I’ll cover how we painted the Ultramarine Dreadnought and the two colors that made up its primary colors; the blue and the gold.).

Painting Guide – Warcaster Ravyn
Painting Tutorials

Painting Guide – Warcaster Ravyn

I’ve recently started collecting a Retribution of Scyrah army for the Warmachine game. I liked the white color scheme of the studio army shown in the rule book but I hate painting white (such a pain to paint the shades). I decided that there two elements needed to be incorporated into my army. The first being that i’ll change the white of the color scheme to a pale grey. The second is that I wanted to paint the army to a high standard but not get bogged down in display quality when having to paint so many miniatures.

Painting Tutorials

Painting Guide – Imperial Fist Vindicator

In this is a painting guide, we go through the basic process for painting an Imperial Fist Vindicator tank, including such things as paint chip marks and engine soot. The overall basic painting does follow closely way we painted the dreadnought that we showed in the previous week so we will recap those basic paint instructions in this article as well.

Imperial Fist Dreadnaught
Painting Tutorials

Painting Guide – Imperial Fist Dreadnought

This is a Painting Guide. In it we will go through a basic walk through on how to paint this vehicle up in Imperial Fist colors. This is not a step by step guide (which is another new type of guide which we will be bringing out shortly), and it is assumed that you have painted before.

Last Hearth Lancers
Painting Tutorials / Showcase

Wardens of the North

More Battle of Westeros miniatures completed, this time it’s for the Wardens of the North expansion. Just like the previous expansion painted, all the miniatures follow the same colour scheme as those from the reference cards that came with the expansion. Wardens of the North    

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