Robb & Rickard

Robb and Rickard painted from Battle of WesterosThe final characters for the Battle of Westeros board game are two Starks; Robb and Rickard who are both horse mounted. These are the final miniatures from the commission.

We begin painting as always with a black undercoat. Let’s start with Robb first…

Robb’s horse’s coat, his tabard and his coat are were base coated in GW Administration Grey and highlighted up white. The cape’s fur ending was basecoated with a 1:1 mix of Astronomican grey and white. It was then stippled with a fine paint brush with pure white to give it a disjointed fur effect.

The wolf was painted first with GW Charadon Granite, then dry brush the raised areas (legs, paws, face and top of the back) with GW Fortress Grey. Final highlight of a mix of white and Fortress Grey were applied to the extreme raised areas.

The horse was painted in a GW Bestial brown and highlighted up gradually (about three variants) with a mix of GW Bleached Bone.

The Gold on the Shield’s rim was basecoated in GW Shining Gold. It was then highlighted with GW Burnished Gold. Finally the extremes were highlighted with a 1:1 mix of Burnished Gold and Mithril Silver.

The metal armour was base coated with GW Gun Metal and highlighted with GW Mithril silver. No further highlights between these colours were needed due to the size of the miniature.

Next to be painted was Rickard.

His coat was painted in the same manner as the wolf above. His horse was also painted in the same way as Robb’s horse.

Rickard’s tabard was painted in GW Calthan brown. It was then given a GW Devlan Mud wash paying particular attention the recesses. Highlights to the jacket were made by adding GW Bleached bone to Calthan Brown until the final highlight was achieved of a 1:1 mix.

Finally the metal areas were painted in the same manner as Robb’s.

The bases of both miniatures were painted in GW Gretchin Green and flocked.

Robb and Rickard painted from Battle of Westeros

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