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Imperial Fist Space Marine Force

A Space Marine Imperial Fist force painted to level 3 quality. The Dreadnoughts weapons were magnetised and there were some minor weathering applied. This was painted earlier in the year, sorry it has taken a while to upload.


Imperial Fist for Horus Heresy

Just compelted a large Imperial Fist Horus Heresy Force. I had a chance to build and paint the big Forge World Leviathan dreadnought. I must admit this is one of my favourite looking machines in the 30k/40k universe – its just so big and intimidating. Think i’ll have to get […]


Imperial Fist heavy weapons and Fortification

The next wave of Imperial Fist Space Marines have been completed. This wave also included the fortification Firestorm Redoubt. There were three centurions included in this force. They were painted in the standard Imperial Fist manner (see here for the Imperial Fist Article). Their Graviton weapons were given a blue […]

Weekly Updates

Whats on the painting table

Lots of new commissions arriving and completing this week. To begin with some nice Khador Winterguards are about to be completed and shipped out, keep an eye on the posts this week for more pictures of that.

A whole stack of inbound commissions have arrived and have begun going under the knife for cutting and cleaning. I’ll be working on some Infinity miniatures at the start of this month, with some Blood Bowl miniatures later in the month.

Imperial Fist Drop Pods

Hard & Fast Attack – A Imperial Fist Commission

A returning client is adding more Imperial Fist Space Marine components to his army; Thunderfire cannon, Sternguard Veterans, scouts and lots of Drop Pods.

I’ve used the normal tried and true way of painting Imperial Fist Space Marines as discussed in previous posts again. There was a slight difference in the way I applied the weathering to the Drop Pods though…. I finally got an airbrush and just had to let loose with it.

Imperial Fist Storm Raven

Commission Updates – More Imperial Fist Completed

Well there has been a flurry of activity surrounding the Imperial Fist Space Marine commission, and now i’m happy to advise that this wave has been completed. It was a great commission that had a large variety of painting to be done, from the Space Marines themselves, dreadnoughts, vehicles up the Storm Raven. Here are the pictures.

Painting Tutorials

Painting Guide – Imperial Fist Vindicator

In this is a painting guide, we go through the basic process for painting an Imperial Fist Vindicator tank, including such things as paint chip marks and engine soot. The overall basic painting does follow closely way we painted the dreadnought that we showed in the previous week so we will recap those basic paint instructions in this article as well.

Imperial Fist Dreadnaught
Painting Tutorials

Painting Guide – Imperial Fist Dreadnought

This is a Painting Guide. In it we will go through a basic walk through on how to paint this vehicle up in Imperial Fist colors. This is not a step by step guide (which is another new type of guide which we will be bringing out shortly), and it is assumed that you have painted before.

Imperial Fist Space Marines

Imperial Fist Tactical Marines

The Imperial Fist Tactical Marines commission comes to a close with the completion of the two 10 man tactical squads. These marines follow the same colour scheme at the previous Dark Vengeance Imperial Fist tactical squads completed earlier. The basing has been done in the same rocky sand with patches […]

Imperial Fist Captain

Imperial Fist Captain

The captain from the Dark Vengeance box set was the final character model to be converted and added to the Imperial Fist Space Marine commission. As per the other models from the Dark Vengeance box, all the Dark Angel livery and insignia were to be removed off the miniature – with the […]