Changes to our Painting Services

Hi everyone,

We currently not taking any bookings until further notice. We are currently working through our current commission bookings and when we are closer to their completion we will open up to take on additional commissions. We will post on our Facebook site and website when we are taking commissions again.

We are also making changes to some of the services we offer to better align with our goals and our expertise. As such we will no longer be offering the Tabletop Quality range to new clients as we do not have the staff resources for this painting level (this may change in the future). We will also be charging to assemble miniatures to a basic level or to an extended level (magnetisation, green stuff, conversions etc).

In the past 5 years of operations we have not increased our prices to our clients. Unfortunately due to increases over time for painting materials (brushes, paints, etc) and other increases to real world operating costs, we are having to raise our prices to accommodate these rises.

We will refocusing on some of the things that we wanted to do when we first began our painting services. We will be starting to create tutorials (again) and tutorial videos. We will be focusing on reviews and other miniature news.

We are also looking at moving the studio to a larger location, a place where we can setup dedicated airbrushing booths and dedicated painting and assembly areas. We would be also looking for it to accommodate a facility to allow for video recording for reviews and painting tutorials. I will provide more updates on this as we progress.

Finally we would like to thank all our current and past clients, for without you we would not still be here today. As such all commissions after your first commission with us will attract an immediate 10% discount on top of any other bulk discounts we offer as of today (VIP Program).


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  1. Steven Phythian says:

    Super news! Real happy with all that you have done! Great painting, excellent service! Can’t wait for all of the possible additions and growth that you are proposing.


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