Delivery Schedule

Commission List Delivery Schedule. This is list is an approximation for delivery of current commissions. Completed commissions are removed from the schedule.

This list is updated on each Monday – (last updated 4/02/23)



Commission Owner Status
Ultramarine Force S.R Painting Underway
RPG Fantasy Miniatures A.H Painting Underway
Imperial Knight Army D.B Painting Underway
Slaanesh Army C.S Painting Underway



Commission Owner Status
Space Wolves Army N.E Painting Underway
Necromunda Spyrers A.H Built – Awaiting Painting
Undead Force S.H Painting Underway
Blood Angels D.B Built – Awaiting Painting



Commission Owner Status
Imperial Guard Army S.R Painting Underway



Commission Owner Status
Legio Custodes Army S.R Building Underway
Tallarn Tanks E.F Built – Awaiting Painting