Necromunda Spyrer Gang

 I had completed a Necromunda Spyrer Gang, where attention to detail and precision were paramount. Today, I’m thrilled to showcase the varying painting levels and techniques used on each member of the gang.

Level 5 Quality: Patriarch and Matriarch

The true stars of the gang, the Patriarch and Matriarch, were painted to level 5 quality, showcasing our highest level miniature painting. The Patriarch, predominantly cloaked in black and metal, was painted using the Non-Metallic Metal (NMM) technique, adding a striking realism to his armor. Meanwhile, the Matriarch, sharing a similar color scheme, received an extra touch of brilliance. Her cloak was skillfully painted to simulate electronic camouflage, with one half blending seamlessly into the miniature base, while the other half depicted deactivation, complete with electrical lightning borders. This attention to narrative detail not only enhances the visual appeal but also adds depth to the characters themselves.

Level 4 Quality: Orrus, Jakara, Malcadon, and Yelds

At level 4 quality, each member of the gang received meticulous attention, ensuring they stood out on the tabletop battlefield. The Orrus, Jakara, Malcadon, and Yelds were meticulously painted in grey and white body suits, with each type adorned in a distinct color scheme. This level of detail not only adds visual interest but also aids in distinguishing between different gang members during gameplay.

Completing a Necromunda Spyrer Gang commission was a journey filled with challenges, creativity, and ultimately, satisfaction. By painting each gang member to differing levels of quality, from the Orrus to the Patriarch and Matriarch, I was able to create a cohesive yet visually dynamic collection. Whether you’re a seasoned hobbyist or just starting out, I hope this showcase inspires you to push the boundaries of your own miniature painting endeavors. After all, in the world of tabletop gaming, every brushstroke tells a story.


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