Space Wolves Terminator Army

Recently, I had the pleasure of taking on a remarkable project featuring the fierce Space Wolves Space Marines. This commission consisted of a diverse range of infantry and vehicles, with the characters primarily painted to a level 3 quality, and the Terminators and vehicles painted to a level 2 standard.


The characters received the level 3 treatment, the bulk of the infantry, which included over 70 Marines in Terminator Armor, were painted to a level 2 standard. This still provided a commendable quality and ensured a cohesive look for the entire army. With this approach, I was able to efficiently complete this large infantry force while maintaining visual appeal.


No Space Wolves army is complete without its vehicular support. In this commission, the vehicles included Drop Pods, Stormwolf and Stormfang gunships, with special attention given to the painted canopies to make them truly stand out.

Even though the vehicles were painted to a level 2 quality, they retained their impressive and formidable appearance. The classic Space Wolves color scheme, combined with the attention to key details, allowed the vehicles to complement the infantry seamlessly.


Completing this Space Wolves commission was not without its challenges. The sheer number of infantry miniatures and the intricacies of character models demanded alot of time and precision. Yet, the end result was truly rewarding.

The variety of units in this army, from the fierce infantry to the imposing vehicles, offered a captivating balance. The graded quality levels for infantry allowed for an efficient yet visually striking painting process, and the painted canopies on the gunships added a distinctive touch.

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