Lords of the River

Battle fo Westeros: Lords of the RiverMore Battle of Westeros miniatures completed. These are for the expansion Lords of the River.

These are part of a larger commission to paint up several of the Battle of Westeros Expansions.

The cards from the game were supplied so that I could follow the colour scheme.

For those of you who haven’t seen this game yet, all the miniatures are 15mm size, with some nice sculpted features. The only problem that I find with these as I do with all Fantasy Flight miniatures, the plastic is rather soft and has a penchant to bend with heat. OF course you can always re-bend them back into shape by placing them in hot water for a minute, then bending them to the shape you want (like straightening poles) and then placing them into cold water to keep the shape.

Here are some more photos of all the miniatures from this expansion:

Tully Longbowmen Tully Longbowmen Battle fo Westeros: Lords of the River

Warriors of Wayfarer's RestBattle of Westeros: Lords of the River Battle of Westeros: Lords of the River


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