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Chaos Warhound Titan

The first titan on a Maniple has been completed. This Titan is of the Legio Infernus traitor titan legion. It is painted to level 4 quality. Unfortunelty i dont have a light box or lighting that can really show off the completed Titan. So I’ve included some WIP images and […]


Ultramarine Characters

These Ultramarine Characters are the final batch for the large Ultramarine commission that has been completed over the past year. This batch contains the characters for the army. All these miniatures were done to level 5 quality and with NMM techniques for the metallics. vv



This special Necromunda commission. Mad Donna Unlanti was to be painted in a specific colour scheme. It was painted to level 4 quality with the Australian Gold and Yellow sport colours and a blue Southern Cross starred chain sword.


Ultramarine Predators

These Predators are the last of the vehicles of the large Ultramarines Commission that you have seen being painted over the past several months. Again these were painted to level 4 quality. Most of the blue colouring were airbrushed with all the detail works painted with brush.


Custom Made 30k Knight Envoy

This is a custom made Warhammer 40k Imperial Knight Pilot/envoy which was made for a Warhammer 30k campaign. This was painted to a level 5 quality with NMM techniques and marble flooring.

warhammer 40k Scenery

More 40k Buildings and scenery!

Ok we’re back from leave and time to put up some images of some terrain we completed before we left. Lots of 40k buildings, all painted to our level 3 quality and some mild weathering (nothing crazy here).