Stark Warhost and Archers

Stark Warhost and ArchersThe last forces of the Stark’s is now completed; the Warhost and the archers.

With so many miniatures in the Warhost, this part of the commission took the longest.

Painting again was done in a production/assembly line process whereby I painted a segment on each of the miniatures first before moving on to the next.

The brown coats on the Warhost and the jackets of the archers was base coated in GW Calthan brown. The coats of the Warhost had deep groves, so I used a dark wash (GW Devlen Mud) before proceeding to the highlights. The highlights were layered on with a mix of GW bleached bone and Calthan brown.

The white fur on the miniatures were painted in GW Astronomican Grey and white was dabbed on to give it a stark contrast.

Metal areas were painted with a basecoat of GW Boltgun metal with a single highlight of GW Mithril Silver.

Any wood areas (such as the bows and poles) were painted in GW Snakebite Leather with a highlight mix of Bleached bone.

Paints and coats were base coated in GW Dheneb Stone and highlighted with a mix of white.

Finally the base was coated in GW Gretchin Green and flock glued over the top.


Stark Warhost and ArchersStark Warhost and ArchersStark Warhost and ArchersStark Warhost and Archers

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