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Dreadball Teraton Team

Dreadball commissions have become quite popular here at the studio. In fact now that I’ve painted up a few teams I’m getting quite interested in getting into this game. I think I would choose the Corporation team purely for cosmetic reasons. Now all I need is a little time off […]


Some More Dreadball

An ongoing commission for Dreadball. All these miniatures were painted to our Standard Level. These Dreadball miniatures come from Dreadball Season 2 and Season 3. We have giants , MVPS, Cheerleaders and a Teraton team.

Dreadball Big Mech

More Dreadball!

We’re currently in the middle of a Dreadball commission involving miniatures from season 2 and season 3. All the miniatures are painted to ‘Standard level’.


Dreadball MVPs

Recently I painted up some Dreadball teams from a starter set for a client. The next lot of miniatures from the client was the Dreadball MVPs. Now since I don’t have the game (yet) i’m not sure how the MVPs are used when it comes to teams, do they favour or cn be used be certain teams or can anyone use them. Just to be safe I didn’t want to paint any colours that might align them to the wrong team so I stuck with the same colors used by Mantic for their MVP players.

Dreadball Corporation Team


I first saw Dreadball on kickstarter but failed (read that as forgot) to back it. At the time I had seen the concept miniatures and they look great, but I’m always fearful that when concepts translates to actual physical miniature that the results will be less than impressive. After failing to support the Dreadball kickstarter I […]

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