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Ultramarines Primaris

This small Ultramarine force consistings Primaris Eradicators, Bladeguard Veterans & Suppressors were painted to level 4 quality. The level characters wherre painted to level 5 quaality with NMM for the metals.


More Ultramarine Characters

More Ultramarines have been completed for an ongoing large Ultramarine commissions. This time we are getting close to completing the commissions and have finished up some level 4 quality smaller squads and command units which will be followed up by the characters at level 5. Command Squad Scout Squad Marneus […]


Storm Warden Space Marine Characters

Something a little interesting this time round, not the usual prime Space Marine Chapters but a smaller lessor known founding chapter – The Storm Wardens. The client even had special made Storm Warden Chapter transfers made. These marines were painted to level 5 quality but rather then NMM metallics, the […]


Forgefather Vulkan He’stan

The Forgefather of the Salmanders Space MArine chapter was painted to our level 4 quality. The client asked to us to follow the paint scheme from Games Workshop.


Blood Angel Terminator Librarian & Captain with Jump Pack

These Blood Angel characters were painted to our level 4 quality. Each of the baldes were given a blue power glow.


Space Marine Librarian

This week saw the completion of a Space Marine Librarian from a clients custom chapter. The client wanted the Space Marine painted in white armour with gold trimming. The miniature was to be painted to High Quality and to have a snow/pebble base.

Here is the results, I hope you all enjoy.

Dystopian Wars Japanese Fleet
Weekly Updates

Whats on the Painting Table

Well another hectic week is over. Actually to be honest it was hectic due to all the family and outside commitments – something about the start of Spring means that everyone wants to get together and catchup. Any how there is two concurrent commissions running this week with both due […]

Chaos Space Marine Librarian

Warhammer 40k Psykers & Spawns

Well this was a nice commission to paint. Not only was there a variety of miniatures from different races but also a variety of painting quality styles. We have a Chaos Sorcerer painted to Display quality, several Chaos Spawns painted to standard quality and a Space Marine librarian painted to standard quality.

Black Templar Captain

Black Templar Force

Just a quick update to show you another commission that was recently completed. This one was for a small Black Templar force that was painted to Standard Quality. A Black Templar commander, a Techmarine and his retinue of servitors. The Commander was supplied to us with a custom base which was painted to look like marble.

Grey Knights

Grey Knights Part 2

Finally the Grey Knight force has been completed. We followed the client’s request to make the color scheme the same as the Games Workshop Studio one. All the swords were done as power weapons – they were all colored dark blue blended through to white. The metal of the armour was kept as a metallic light color with very little darker shades applied, this would allow their bolter and other dark metals to really stand out against the armour. The crimson red really stands out nicely against the metal…