Dystopian Wars – Prussian Fleet Updated WIP

Finally had some time to finish of more of my Prussian ships. Was really really wanting to get the Dreadnought completed. For the moment this will be the centerpiece of my army. You can see in the images below the light and dark grey camoflage that i’ve chosen to do the entire fleet in more clearly.

I picked up a ‘Kingdom of Brittania’ starter box set as well just to have something different to paint and something to let my friends use whilst I introduce them to game. Finally there are some more shots of work in progress blimps and ships.

I’m also going to try rigging the Dreadnought and applying flags – Its big enough to see if it will look good or not before attempting it on the smaller ships. Keep an eye out on future posts to see if this pans out.

Prussian Dreadnought Prussian Dreadnought
Dystopian Wars Prussians Dystopian Wars Prussians
Dystopian Wars Prussians Dystopian Wars Britannia
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