Dystopian Wars – Prussian Fleet WIP

dw-prussian-flagWe’ve been pretty busy in the studio lately with commissions. So busy that I’ve not had time to paint any of my own miniatures in months. What I was in the middle of before the rush of jobs came through was my Prussian Fleet for Dystopian Wars.

To be honest, i’ve not played a game of Dystopian Wars yet, I just love the miniatures. The miniatures are just soo detailed and come at a great price (really cheap considering the other games i play).

I choose the Prussians as the ships reminded me of the big World War I and World War II ships that used to fasinate me in my childhood.

All the ships with the ‘big guns’ were magnitised on so that I could swivel the turrets (and possibly replace the turrets with other options that the rules allow).

Below are some of the work in progress shots of what I’ve painted so far. The ships are mostly from the starter box with the exception of the dreadnought at the bottom.

Lets hope I get a chance soon to show you some of my updates for my fleet. I want to add rigging and flags to these if I get a chance.

Prussian Battleship Prussian Battleship
Dystopian Wars - Prussians Dystopian Wars - Prussians
Prussian Dreadnought Prussian Dreadnought
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