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We have had a great response from our Space Hulk special with quite a few Space Hulk commissions set to be completed over the next few months. In the mean time we are currently working on two Space Hulk projects, both being painted to Standard Quality but both with very different colour schemes. One client has chosen the regular Blood Angel colour scheme whilst our other client has chosen a Deathwing colour scheme. We are also currently working on a Dreadfleet set which will also be painted to our Standard Quality.

Space Hulk – Deathwing themes

The Deathwing terminators for Space Hulk have been heavily modified by the client – some of the original Space Hulk terminators have been used with the Blood Angel iconography replaced with the Dark Angels ones. Other Deathwing terminators from 40k have also been introduced and replaced some of the original terminators. Finally all the terminators have been based on a suitable metal grill bases. This is also the case with the Genestealers which have had some of the original Genestealers replaced with 40k counterparts to add a bit more diversity to their appearance.

IMG_6972 IMG_6969
IMG_6970 IMG_6971
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Space Hulk – Regular Colours

Even though this set is following the regular colour theme of the Space Hulk box set, we are using a combination of Airbrush and paint brush methods to paint it. With that being said the colour scheme is to be alot darker then the orignal set so that it shows up any object lighting from lights, weapons and targeting lights with greater effect.

IMG_6967 IMG_6965


Not to much to say about Dreadfleet other then it is also being painted up to Standard quality following the studio colours for the box set.

IMG_6963 IMG_6964
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  1. Steven Phythian says:

    Nice update, looking good on the Termies’!

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