Its been a whilst since I put up an update. Its not that we’ve not been painting, quiet the opposite actually. Its more that we have been flat out with commissions and changing the direction of our offerings that has ne left me with virtually not time to put up any posts showing what we have completed. So be prepared over the week for a long back haul of posts being posted.

Lets begin with a copy of Dreadfleet being painted to Level 3 painting quality (our old standard quality).

20160508-Dreadfleet-204 20160508-Dreadfleet-206 20160508-Dreadfleet-205 20160508-Dreadfleet-204 20160508-Dreadfleet-203 20160508-Dreadfleet-202 20160508-Dreadfleet-201 20160508-Dreadfleet-214 20160508-Dreadfleet-213 20160508-Dreadfleet-212 20160508-Dreadfleet-211 20160508-Dreadfleet-210 20160508-Dreadfleet-209 20160508-Dreadfleet-208 20160508-Dreadfleet-207


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