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Its been busy busy busy lately. As you have probably seen I have gotten a lot of scenery completed, some Warmachine factions and the start of the big Talisman commission completed. At the moment we are back to a single painter (that being me). I’m just catching up past jobs that are now over due. All our clients have been informed of the delays whilst I work through the back log.


To begin with we have a Dreadfleet for client J.C. This commission is almost done with just some of the scenery and two more boats to complete.

IMG_2376 IMG_2378
IMG_2377 IMG_2379

The next commission we’re currently working on is the Eldar Wraith Knight for client G.W. It is being painted to Display Quality. Some Gold, Purple and some freehand work still to do. Hopefully this should be completed by the weekend.


IMG_2373 IMG_2374
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