Biel-Tan Elder Warhost

I’m still catching up with putting some already completed work on on the pages. We recently completed a Biel-Tan Eldar force. Biel-Tan forces are primarily green, which is why the colour is so predominant through all the Eldar painted here. The client did not want the Biet-Tan thorn vines wrapping around any of the miniatures (especially the Wraith Knight). The two primary colours to be used were the dark green and white.

The Wraith Knight’s weapons were all magnetized and painted.

20160521-Eldar Warhost-007 20160521-Eldar Warhost-009 20160521-Eldar Warhost-011

20160521-Eldar Warhost-006 20160521-Eldar Warhost-005 20160521-Eldar Warhost-001 20160521-Eldar Warhost-002 20160521-Eldar Warhost-003 20160521-Eldar Warhost-004

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