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Painting Tutorials

Painting Grimnir’s Thunder

Grimnir’s Thunder steams out of docks and into the ocean sea.   When painting Grimar’s Thunder, it is best not to assemble the ship prior to painting. This will allow easy access to the ships engine. Undercoat all three main components in black and ensure that the water is painted […]


Commission Update

Hi everyone, Thank you for all your responses, all four spots are now filled. We may endeavour to do this again later, but in the meantime we have our hands full. If you have any interest in a Dreadfleet commission, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form. […]


March Dreadfleet Commission Specials

Hi everyone, We are currently receiving quiet a few orders for Dreadfleet commission work. As such we intend to make March the Dreadfleet commission month. There will be no commission work during this month other than the following special. March Dreadfleet Commission Special We will be taking on 4 Dreadfleet commissions […]

Dreadfleet Flaming Scimitar
Painting Tutorials

Painting Flaming Scimitar

The Flaming Scimitar now graces the seas. This ship needs to be assembled and painted in two parts. The sails were assembled and black undercoated separated away from the the hull. The hull was then assembled with the jinns and then undercoated. Don’t forget to paint you water separately from the other […]

Painting Tutorials

Paint Brands Chart

There are many strong arguments to use different brands of paints. I currently use Games Workshop paints but have started to test the Vallejo Game range. What ever your preference and reasons to use the different brands, I find the following chart most useful especially when following painting instructions on […]


Back from Holidays

Hi everyone, We haven’t had an update to the site for a few weeks as i’ve been on holidays. Now that i’ve returned I intend to get back into the blogging groove. The Tuesday Tutorials will be back again next week, and more on finishing up painting Dreadfleet. Also each month we […]

Undercoating a miniature in black
Painting Tutorials

Tues’s Tutes – Paint Preparation

Once you have cleaned your miniature from mold lines and any imperfections, it is time to assemble, patch any holes and then undercoat it.

Dreadfleet Skull Island

Dreadfleet – Island Updates

I’ve just finished painting all the islands and wrecks in the game. The most fun was the volcano. I tried several different styles to paint the lava and in particular, the volcano hole. In the end I decided against painting the lava crusts and made it appear very hot with […]

Painting Dreadfleet Wrecks and Islands Step 8
Painting Tutorials

Dreadfleet – Islands and Wrecks

Now that we know how to paint water and have already painted the ghost ship, we can paint most of the scenery using these lessons. All that remains is how to paint rocks. I painted all the scenery like an assembly line, painting all the water on all the scenery […]

Dreadfleet Shadewraith
Painting Tutorials

Dreadfleet – Shadewraith

The ghost ship Shadewraith now sails the deadly seas. I painted the ship in two levels of quality. initially I thought it would be a fast ship to paint and thus painted it using washes. After it was dry I looked over the ship and found that there were so many […]