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AOS Vampires

Age of Sigmar small force painted to level 3 quality. Lauka Vai, Mother of Nightmares was painted to level 4 quality.


Bray’arth Ashmantle – Dreadnought

Bray’arth Ashmantle, Forgeworld Salamander character dreadnought painted to level 4 quality.


Kingdom Death Monster – Spidicules

Kingdom Death Monster Expansion – Spidicules. As you can see this thing is very large, it couldn’t fit into my photo booth for these pictures, I had to place it on the painting table to take these photos. This was painted to level 5 quality for our client.


Lord of the Rings Force

Lord of the Ring Elves from various factions. The infantry are painted to level 1 quality whilst the heroes are painted to  Level 3 quality and extended basing.  


Astra Militarum Elite Vehicles

These Astra Militarum vehicles and leader were painted to be part of an existing commission of Elite infantry. These were painted to level 4 quality with clients custom color scheme.


Drukhari – Dark Eldar Army

Drukhari Army painted to level 3 quality. Desert basing so that colours did not clash with dark red colour scheme.


RPG Miniatures

RPG Characters painted up to level 4 quality. The colour schemes were to match existing artwork provided by the client.


Kaldor Draigo

Kaldor Draigo painted to level 4 quality with a chaos purple and grey base.

Weekly Updates

Whats on the Painting Table

Hi everyone, Happy new year  to you all. This weeks commission updates are below.  Delivery Schedule I was hoping to get some major work done over Christmas and New Years, but unfortunetly that was not to be the case. I did get some more commissions completed and large chunks completed […]


Kingdom Death Monsters

Kingdom Death comission of various monsters painted to level 5 quality with NMM techniques for the metal and gold.