Astra Militarum Cadians

We have recently completed a segment of an large Astra Militarum commission, of which this segment features a diverse range of characters and infantry miniatures. All the characters were painted to our level 4 quality whilst the infantry were painted to level 3 quality.

Imperial Advisors: These wise and influential individuals were brought to life with precise brushwork and vibrant colors. From their intricate robes to their stern expressions, the Imperial Advisors command respect and convey the weight of their responsibilities.

Psykers: Masters of the warp, these psykers showcase the unpredictable and awe-inspiring powers they possess. Being part of the Astra Militarum, colours were muted to match the Cadian colour scheme.

Lord Creed: The indomitable Lord Creed, a legendary figure within the Astra Militarum, is portrayed with the utmost attention to detail. His regal bearing and imposing presence are accentuated by rich colors and intricate highlighting, reflecting his authority and strategic brilliance.

Commissar Yarrick: A symbol of unwavering loyalty and unyielding determination, Commissar Yarrick stands tall as a beacon of inspiration. The painting techniques used on his uniform and the intricate rendering of his bionic eye reflect his battle-hardened nature.

Severina Raine: A dynamic character, Severina Raine exudes determination and resilience. Through careful brushwork, we brought out the intricate details of her armor and the subtle shading on her face, capturing the spirit of this beloved hero.

Vindicare Assassin: This enigmatic figure was painted to capture the shadowy, lethal nature of the Vindicare Assassins. The precise highlighting and meticulous attention to detail evoke the essence of a silent hunter, ready to eliminate targets with ruthless precision.

Inquisitor Eisenhorn: A legendary figure known for his unwavering pursuit of justice, Inquisitor Eisenhorn was painted to reflect his enigmatic persona. The intricate details on his armor, the weathering effects, and the careful rendering of his face capture the essence of his complex character.

Melta Squads: These specialists, armed with deadly meltaguns, are ready to unleash devastating firepower on their enemies. Their level 3 painting matches the colour scheme of the rest of the cadians though show casing their environmental suits.

Cadians in Environmental Suits: Equipped for hazardous environments, the Cadians in Environmental Suits were painted to emphasize the ruggedness of their protective gear. The attention to detail in their equipment and the weathering effects create a sense of realism on the tabletop.

Heavy Weapon Teams: These Cadian heavy weapon teams exemplify the strength and versatility of the Astra Militarum. Each miniature showcases intricate details on their heavy weaponry, capturing the essence of their devastating firepower.

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