Imperial Fist Terminators

Imperial Fist TerminatorsI’ve been off for the past few weeks in preparation for the Australian CANCON convention. Playing games, buying goodies and just enjoying the atmosphere. Now that it’s over its back to business.

Firstly there is a backlog of posts to catch up on showing some of the commission and display pieces that we have been working on. So over the next week there will a flurry of posts to catch us up to our current work.

Lets continue with the Imperial Fist Space Marine army, in particular the next squad of Terminators. Theses Terminators come from the Games Workshop boxed set (Not from the Dark vengeance box set that the other Terminators came from). Painting instructions we received for these were to paint them up bearing in mind they would be the commanders (Lysanders) body-guard.

The Terminators were painted using the same methods used of painting yellow as the previous models. The Terminators shields would be used to match them back to Lysander by colouring the cross in the same grey stone as Lysander’s shield’s eagle. Their Thunder hammers were also given the same two-tone colours (black and metal) as Lysanders.

All skulls and Terminator Honours on their shoulders were painted in skull colouring – base coat of GW Balor Brown, then highlighted with a 1:1 mix of Balor Brown and GW Ushabti Bone, last highlight with Ushabti Bone and the very tips with white.

The rest of the Terminators color scheme follow that of their Space Marine tactical squad brothers – red eagle on their chest, green eyes and black undergarments/protection between their yellow armoured plates.

Imperial Fist Terminators Imperial Fist Terminators Imperial Fist Terminators Imperial Fist Terminators

Imperial Fist Captain Lysander

Imperial Fist Captain Lysander

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