Adeptus Mechanicus

Something a little different to the usual 40k armies we get in. This is my first Adeptus Mechanicus army to either assemble or paint. The plastic kits that Games Workshop is producing is getting better and better with every release.

The commission was for all the weapons to be magnetized and the army painted in a deep red color. All the miniatures were given some weathering on the paint and weathering powders used over their wheels and feet to simulate the dusty terrain they were based on.

Adeptus Mechanicus

Tech Priests

20160305-Adeptus Mechanicus-115 20160305-Adeptus Mechanicus-116 20160305-Adeptus Mechanicus-117 20160305-Adeptus Mechanicus-118 20160305-Adeptus Mechanicus-119 20160305-Adeptus Mechanicus-120

Castellan Class Robots

20160305-Adeptus Mechanicus-101 20160305-Adeptus Mechanicus-102 20160305-Adeptus Mechanicus-103

kataphron Breachers & Destroyers

20160305-Adeptus Mechanicus-105 20160305-Adeptus Mechanicus-106 20160305-Adeptus Mechanicus-107 20160305-Adeptus Mechanicus-108 20160305-Adeptus Mechanicus-109 20160305-Adeptus Mechanicus-111 20160305-Adeptus Mechanicus-112 20160305-Adeptus Mechanicus-113 20160305-Adeptus Mechanicus-114

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