Weekly Updates

Whats on the Painting Table

Hi everyone, this weeks commission updates are below. I will be using these weekly updates to provide updates on what is currently undergoing painting for theweek as well as any notable updates. These updates will go out each Monday.

Delivery Schedule

At the moment we are still under a hard lockdown in the ACT. We are due to complete the lockdown on Friday but this is still to be confirmed. Parcel deliveries art still slow but some painting supplies are getting through finally which means there will be more progress again with the commissions. I have also updated the Delivery Schedule.

Ultramarine Force

The paint thinners for the airbrush has finally arrived along with some much needed new brushes – which means I can finally finish off the Ultramarine commission.

Dreadnoughts about to get the marble effect done to their shoulders.

Drukhari Force

Now that the paints have arrived, this Durkhari Force can also be finished. Just a few remaining items to go.

Kaldor Draigo

Kaldor Draigo is in the beggining stages of work and should be complete this week.

D&D Heroes

The D&D heroes need some minor work to change hands around and rebase before the painting can start.

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