Chaos Decimator Completed

The Chaos Decimator has been completed. The only instructions for this commission were that it had to be dark and grim, weathered and in red and gold colour scheme.

It’s very war damaged and as such I’ve used a lot of weathering powders and soot powders around exhausts and joints. The feet have kicked up some dirt so they are weathered in a dirty brown as well. I’ve not highlighted the cabling too much (some areas are not highlighted at all but just touched with some of the weathering powders) as it might give the paint job a ‘bright’ or ‘comical’ look. The demon faces on the leg and the left arm are coloured up from the red to a light pink to give the impression that they’re coming out of the metal itself. All the metal areas have been given a corroded and rusted look as well. Some of the bronze areas were also washed with Games Workshops new technical paint Nihilakh Oxide. Finally I painted a sharp blue power weapon and blood on its claw blades to show that though damaged and scarred, it is still a deadly engine of war.

Hope you all like:


Chaos Decimator Chaos Decimator
Chaos Decimator Chaos Decimator
Chaos Decimator Chaos Decimator
Chaos Decimator
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