Imperial Fist heavy weapons and Fortification


The next wave of Imperial Fist Space Marines have been completed. This wave also included the fortification Firestorm Redoubt.

There were three centurions included in this force. They were painted in the standard Imperial Fist manner (see here for the Imperial Fist Article). Their Graviton weapons were given a blue glow to offset the Imperial Fist yellow and to provide something to focus the attention to.

The Space Marines were all given Lascannons and were again painted in the Imperial Fist manner as the Centurions.

The librarian was painted in Ultramarine colors.

Finally the Firestorm Redoubt was given a grey and bronze theme. I wanted to give it an aged look. The grey walls were had dirty black droplets (oil) splashed on to it and black pigment powder smeared across it (soot and smoke). The bronze was given sharp silver scratches along it, the bolts and extrusion were washed with GW Nihilakh Oxide and the metal was rusted with a combination of GW Typhus corrosion and Ryza Rust.

Tri1 Tri13
image005 (3) image003 (3)
lib15 lib17
lib13 lib1
frt1 frt18
frt17 frt13
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