Space Hulk 3rd Edition

Space Hulk

We were recently commissioned by a client to complete several commissions at our new Tabletop Quality paint level. Both our tabletop artists Chris and Lee each took a commission each.

Lee took the Space Hulk commission. The instructions for these miniatures were to follow the Space Hulk imagery in the game manuals.

The Space Hulk 3rd edition miniatures from Games Workshop (now long out of print) are some of the most beautiful miniatures that they have done in plastic. The Terminators all have dynamic poses and are loaded with trinkets and bit and bobs. These miniatures each look fantastic and individualist, but makes the miniatures that much harder to paint.

Below are the completed miniatures. I’m sure you’ll agree that Lee did some fantastic work and makes the Table Top quality look fantastic!

Blood Angel Terminators

Space Hulk Space Hulk
Space Hulk Space Hulk
Space Hulk Space Hulk
Space Hulk Space Hulk


Space Hulk Space Hulk
Space Hulk  Space Hulk
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  1. Very nice – I’ve seen a couple of painted sets – but none this well executed – thank you for posting the images.


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