Some Scenery completed


Time for something a little different then the normal barrage of miniatures. This time it’s scenery! The only time I have come close to painting scenery before (including my own) was for a small commission some time back for some flat wall pieces for Deadzone. I’m really excited to do something different and mentally stretch my painter brain around something new.

This commission was for a large amount of Warhammer 40k buildings, several Warhammer Fantasy buildings and some Citadel Woods. All the Warhammer 40k buildings were to be presented in a war zone paint scheme, lots of soot, rust, damage and some blood. All the buildings received some OSL paint techniques to give the lighting on the buildings some pop! Finally the woods were requested to be 3 lots of snow-covered woods and 2 lots of summer woods.

The first batch painted to completion contained some of the Warhammer 40k buildings and all the Warhammer Fantasy buildings. I hope you like, here they are:

Warhammer 40k Buildings

IMG_6320 IMG_6319
IMG_6310 IMG_6311
IMG_6315 IMG_6316
IMG_6317 IMG_6321

Warhammer Fantasy Buildings

IMG_6306 IMG_6307
IMG_6309 IMG_6308
IMG_6322 IMG_6323
IMG_6331 IMG_6324
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