Introducing Chris to the CPM team

The first of our new artists is Chris. He is a long time player and collector of miniature wargames. He has been playing the Games Workshop range of products for 20yrs. Chris predominetly collects and plays Warhammer 40k. His armies tend to be large…. very large. He collects:

  • A large Ork army
  • A large Imperial Guard army
  • A growing large Mechanicus army – this is his current army which is receiving the full conversion / kitbash treatment
  • Space Wolves

Chris also collects though he hasnt played in a while Warhammer Fantasy. Those armies are:

  • Dwarves
  • Skaven
  • High Elves

Finally he also plays Menoth and Cryx in Warmachine. With such large armies, Chris doesn’t have time yet to expand into other gaming systems… yet.

Chris is more into the hobby side of miniature wargames rather than competing. He perfers when playing to play scenario and story driven games.

All the miniatures in Chris’s gallery below have been converted, kitbashed and painted by him. Chris’s expertise that he brings to Centerpiece Miniatures is his ability to paint to Tabletop Quality, conversions/kitbashing, a flair with LED lights, and pumping out the painted miniatures.

If you see anything in his gallery below that you would like information about, be it instructions on how to paint or build it, or perhaps you want to commission him to replicate something – just use our online form to contact him.

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