Commissar Bust

I’ve finally had a chance to paint up a bust. I hope that there will be more to come as I enjoy the change of format from painting the normal 32mm miniature. This bust is a old Forge World kit from a series of Warhammer 40k busts.

I particularly like this commissar as the face is sculpted to show a gnarled old bitter war veteran. I painted the face in a more pale skin colouring to emphasise is age, with touches of purple and maroon through it to age it more. His left eye was painted to have a cataract. Emphases was placed on his scars, again painted in soft pascal maroon colours to show they are old battle scars. His chainsaw was weathered with some layers of oil splattered around the blades. Finally, his breast plate was weathered and aged to show that under his clean uniform, he would be wearing his favourite armour from battles past.

I hope you enjoy this piece.


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