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Suicide Squad

This Suicide Squad boxset from Knight Models commission was painted to level 5 quality. The colour scheme was to follow the movie’s colour scheme for the characters. NMM metal techniques were used for metalliics and gold colours. All the bases were painted to look like a broken cityscape/road.


Chaos Warhound Titan

The Chaos Warhound was painted to level 4 quality to a custom colour scheme for the client. It was based to add additional support and to tie in the Titan to the clients existing army which was snow based. External The model was based with a snow theme. The base […]


Abaddon the Despoiler

Abaddon the Despoiler was painted to level 5 quality with NMM metallics. It was built with the cloak and face mask options.


Tallarn Desert Raiders

Some good old Middlehammer minaitures from Warhammer 40k universe – The Tallarn Imperial Guard. This large bulk of miniatures has lots of plasma weaponry and a captain to lead them. All were painted to level 3 quality.


Mordhiem Sisters of Sigmar

A Blast from the past. These Sisters of Sigmar from the classic Mordhiem game were painted to level 3 quality following the Games Workshop standard colour scheme.


Imperial Assassins

Imperial Assassins for Warhammer 40k painted to level 4 quality. I like these miniatures with their dynamic poses and the inclusions of scenery pieces into those poses. I havnt had such fun painting miniatures for a while – these werre very theraputic.


Infinity Miniatures – Beyond Red Veil

  Hi everyone, its been a while since we had an update. Thats not because there hasnt been any work being going on, quite the opposite – far to much work to even spare time to update the website. I’ve now uploaded all the backlog of images to the website […]


Astra Militarum Elite Squad

This commission was for a custom Astra Militarum squad and a Sentinel. The upper body, head and weapon on the squad are from a third party provider in resin. Most of the faces were covered in a breathing mask. Bases are from Games Workshop. These were all painted with a […]

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Marneus Calgar in upgraded Primaris armour

Completely forgot to post this update. Marneus Calgar in his upgraded glory to Primaris status and his guards. These were painted to level 5 quality with NMM metallics. These were commissioned for the larger Ultramarine commission that you may have seen in some previous posts.


Necromunda Gangs – Orlocks and Escher

Just finished two Necromunda gangs, Escher and Orlocks. Both gangs were painted to level 3 and level 4 quality. The Gang Leader, the champion and heavy weapon were painted to level 4 quality whist the rest of the gang were painted to level 3 quality.