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Warhammer 40k Imperial Fist Commission Paint job
Painting Tutorials

Painting Imperial Fist

I have just started on an Imperial Fist Space Marine army commission. The commissioner wanted their chapter to have a deep yellow colour rather than the usual bright canary yellow that he has seen around the place. So I took to the internet in search of some colour recipes or some ideas […]

Dreadfleet Volcano Island
Painting Tutorials

Painting Dreadfleet Volcano

I’ve been asked several times on how to paint the volcano for Dreadfleet. So here are the steps I used in a recent commission. Apologies for the photos, there were quickly taken whilst the painting was occurring – due to way this was painted I couldn’t let the paint dry to […]

Painted Dreadfleet Skabrus
Painting Tutorials / Showcase

Dreadfleet Skabrus

When I first saw a picture of the Skabrus, I thought that this ship was going to be the hardest. The awful dirty colours, the see through sickening skin and the intricate parts made for a hard ship. Well guess what, the ship was actually very easy to do, as […]

Painted Dreadfleet Swordfysh
Painting Tutorials / Showcase

Dreadfleet Swordfysh

When I first looked at the Swordfysh, I thought it would be relatively simple to paint the ship; it was mostly black. Unfortunately I was quite wrong. There is enough detail and stark contrast colours to ensure that there was many touch ups and cock-eyed painting going on. So let’s […]

Dreadfleet Seadrake
Painting Tutorials / Showcase

Dreadfleet Seadrake

Painting the Dreadfleet’s Seadrake is relatively simple compared to some of the other ships in the box set. This article will explain how we painted the ship.

Wet Pallet
Painting Tutorials

Keep your palette longer

I’ve used all kinds of palettes in the past, ranging from plates, tiles, porcelain cups and plastic bits and bobs. They all had the same issue, the paint dried up quickly even when thinning down the paints (faster during summer days). Using these materials as a palette, I would find […]

Painting Tutorials

Cleaning Brushes

  Considering I have quiet a few expensive brushes, I don’t want to keep replacing them all the time if I don’t have too.  When keeping my brushes clean, I used to wash the brush several times in cold water, dry  it in a paper towel and repeat until i got most […]

Curse of Zandri
Painting Tutorials

Painting Curse of Zandri

The Curse of Zandri is a rather quick ship to paint compared to some others (such as the Heldenhammer). Its is assembled in once piece and is undercoated black. When painting this ship, it is important to ensure you have a fine detail brush to paint the marble finish on the statues.

Painting Tutorials

Painting Grimnir’s Thunder

Grimnir’s Thunder steams out of docks and into the ocean sea.   When painting Grimar’s Thunder, it is best not to assemble the ship prior to painting. This will allow easy access to the ships engine. Undercoat all three main components in black and ensure that the water is painted […]

Dreadfleet Flaming Scimitar
Painting Tutorials

Painting Flaming Scimitar

The Flaming Scimitar now graces the seas. This ship needs to be assembled and painted in two parts. The sails were assembled and black undercoated separated away from the the hull. The hull was then assembled with the jinns and then undercoated. Don’t forget to paint you water separately from the other […]

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