Painting Jaime & Gregor

Painting Jaime & GregorThe first two characters from the Battle of Westeros game have been completed. This being Jaime Lannister and Gregor Clegane.

Both miniatures were undercoated in black. Each miniature was painted with multiple highlights to ensure better blending.

Gregor’s tabard was first painted in GW Iyanden Darksun. It was then painted up using several highlights of Iyanden Darksun and white. Highlights were restricted only to any raised flaps of the tabard.

The metal armour was basecoated in GW Boltgun metal. Raised areas were then highlighted with GW Mithril silver – there was no need to add too many highlights as these miniatures were so small.

The sword was painted straight Mithril Silver to stand out from the armour.

Gold tips were painted on the helmet and sword using a basecoat 1:1 mix of GW Bestial Brown and GW Shining Gold. It was then highlighted with straight Shining Gold with a final highlight on the very extremes of GW Burnished Gold.

The belt was painted in Bestial Brown, with multiple highlights mixed with GW Bleached Bone.

Finally the base was painted with GW Gretchin Green, flocked and a few stones added to the base to differentiate this miniature from the standard troops (though his yellow tabard and height should help).


Jaime’s armour was first painted using the same techniques as above for painting gold. His coat was then painted with a 1:1 mix of black and GW Blood red. multiple highlights were added by adding more Blood red to the basecoat mix until it was straight Blood red.

Jaimes hair and the lines on his loin cloth were painted with GW Iyanden Darksun yellow, mixed with white to add highlights.

Finally the base was painted, flocked and stones added in the same fashion as Gregor.


Painting Jaime & Gregor

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  1. These are great – really enjoying getting to look at the miniatures that come with the game in detail!

    A couple of questions though:
    -What makes you choose to undercoat in black for miniatures of this scale? I’d always been told that white makes small minis ‘pop’ best, so it’d be interesting to hear your thoughts.
    -Also, given that Jaime is in the Kingsguard, wouldn’t his armour be white?

    Cheers for the pics!

  2. Hi,
    To be honest, I prefer painting undercoats of Black especially for this scale as I can see the details alot easier then I can with white. It also means that with some careful painting that you can have a small black divding line between hard colors. When it comes to making the colors ‘pop’, you can always coat that particular area in white first.

    Yeah Jaime should have been white (story wise) but in this case we were following the color scheme from the Dantasy Flight studio colors (what imagery was on his card).

    • Well I can’t dispute your methods as the results appear to speak for themselves!

      I personally only really paint 28mm – I’ve done the odd bit of smaller stuff (some Flames of War when I used to use black undercoats) that didn’t turn out too well. But I feel that, at least with 28mm, you get ‘the best of both worlds’ if you use a white undercoat with a black wash over it 🙂

      And that’s fair enough; I plan to follow the cards myself when my copy arrives – though I will probably opt to instigate changes where I know the alternative in the lore.

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