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Chaos Slaughter Priest

This miniature is not acutally a commission. I had this miniature sitting all alone on my work table since it came free with a White Dwarf magazine a while back. I just gave him a quick paint job whislt I watched a movie last night.


Warhammer Age of Sigmar – Ironjawz Army

A little while back we completed an Ironjawz Army. We normally don’t get too many level 1 or level 2 quality work thus we don’t have many pictures to show people in our corresponding galleries. So I was quiet happy when this commission came through. The commission was broken into […]

Warhammer Chapel

Warhammer Fantasy Chapel

Just before the Christmas shutdown and our studio move, I managed to paint a small Warhammer Fantasy Chapel. This model is now discontinued in favor of the Age of Sigmar scenery. I must admit that it is one of my favorite models from the Warhammer Fantasy scenery line. The roof […]


Warhammer Fantasy Ogres

This completed commission was for a small Warhammer Ogre force that is to be used by the client for their Mordheim games. The Ogres were painted to ‘High Quality’ paint level. The client wanted the miniatures painted in a similar way to the stock images of Games Workshop with basic […]


Some Scenery completed

Time for something a little different then the normal barrage of miniatures. This time it’s scenery! The only time I have come close to painting scenery before (including my own) was for a small commission some time back for some flat wall pieces for Deadzone. I’m really excited to do […]