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Kindom Death Monsters

Kingdom Death Monster miniatures painted to level 5 quality. The Lion god had fur lines painted all over the miniatures and all the characters used NMM techniques for the metal and the glows of the lanterns painted on to the surroundings.


Kingdom Death Lonely Tree

Kingdom Death Lonely Tree painted to level 5 quality.


Kingdom Death Monster

Lots more Kingdom Death Monsters being completed. This time its the Smoke Knight and the Watcher painted to level 5 quality using NMM techniques for the armour and weapons.


Kingdom Death Phoenix

Kingdom Death core game Phoenix painted to level 4 quality.


Kingdom Death

As part of our Kingdom Death Special we ran earlier in the year, here are some Kingdom Death Monster miniatures painted to level 5 quality with Non Metal Metallics and a little gore for the Nightmare Ram.


Kingdom Death Resin Miniatures

This Kingdom Death commission contains the resin version of these Kingdom Death Monster miniatures. They were painted to our level 5 quality which contains non-metal metallics ans object source lighting. Kings Hand Sunstalker Butcher


Kingdom Death Gorm

Back to some more Kingdom Death. This time I’ve painted up the Gorm from the Kingdom Death Monster expansion. Its the plastic version rather then the resin, which I hoped meant that the fitting of the pieces would be solid. unfortunately the pieces didn’t fit very well especially around the […]


Kingdom Death Monster Core Set Special

  UPDATE – All our Kingdom Death commission slots have now been taken. Keep an eye out later in 2018 for our Kingdom Death expansions specials.     Level 5 Colour Scheme Examples Level 4 Colour Scheme Examples


Final batch of Kingdom Death Resin Monsters

This is part two of our Kingdom Death Monster commission. The first batch was covered in our previous post. We finally finished the Phoenix and the Nightmare Ram (not technically in the Kingdom Death Monster game, but still one of their miniatures). Both these miniatures were painted to our level […]


Some Nice Kingdom Death in Resin

These Kingdom Death miniatures are all the resin models rather then the plastic miniatures that come with the Kingdom Death Monster base game and expansions (Except the Watcher). The level if detail difference between the resin miniatures and the plastic miniatures is quite noticeable. There is so much more defined […]