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Star Wars Imperial Assault with Expansions

Star Wars Imperial Assault with some additional expansions painted to level 3. The client wanted to leave the bases black for the board game (with red rings and battle damage for the elite models).


Heaps of Star Wars Imperial Assault Miniatures

This is the last of my catch up posts. After this all the posts will be coming in as the commissions are completed. This commission containined the Star Wars Rebel Assault core game, Battle of Hoth expansion and few character expansions from Fantasy Flight Games. These miniatures were painted to […]


Star Wars RPG Miniature – More 3D printed

The final 3D printed miniature we have painted was a modified fantasy figure created and printed fromĀ The miniature was created with a sword in hand that had a very long handle. The sword end was cut off and replaced with a paperclip (had the right thickness) and the long […]


Imperial Assault Expansions

We gotten around to finishing several F antsy Flight Games Star Wars expansions for several clients. The below pictures are all from one client’s commission but all the commission were of the same quality. These were painted to Standard quality.


Star Wars Armada Tiny Fighters

    A quick little (and I mean itty bitty little) commission for Star Wars Armada. The games fighter craft content comes without any paint on them unlike their larger space ships. The client wanted some colour on the crafts including the expansion pack crafts (eg Tie Interceptors and Y-wings). […]


Another Imperial Assault Completed

Not much to say here other than another Star Wars Imperial Assault commission completed. It’s very much like the last commission completed at Standard Quality except with a clean non battle damaged AT-ST. Again all the Light Sabers were given glowing effects. Here are the pictures:

Imperial Assault

Star Wars Imperial Assault

  I finally got to paint some of the gorgeous Star Wars Imperial Assault miniatures from Fantasy Flight Games. When this game first came out I purchased a box set for myself but unfortunately I’ve not had the opportunity to even base coat mine yet. Now I have two commission […]


Star Wars Millennium Falcon 1/144 Model

  Well this is the first ‘official’ model that we have painted – the Star Wars Millenium Falcon from Fine Models. We have painted models of war game vehicles such as Warhammer 40k (tanks and flyers ect) but this is the first non-wargame model we have painted up. Now really […]

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