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Space Marine Blood Angels

Space Marine Blood Angels force painted to level 3 quality.


Bray’arth Ashmantle – Dreadnought

Bray’arth Ashmantle, Forgeworld Salamander character dreadnought painted to level 4 quality.


Ultramarine Predators

These Predators are the last of the vehicles of the large Ultramarines Commission that you have seen being painted over the past several months. Again these were painted to level 4 quality. Most of the blue colouring were airbrushed with all the detail works painted with brush.


Ultramarine Fellblade

We recently completed this Forgeworld Falchion Legion tank for the Ultramarine Chapter. This was painted to our level 2 quality.


Big 40k Vehicles

A nice and simple commissions for some large vehicles for Warhammer 40k (though not all come from Games Workshop).These big guns were painted to level 1. Most of the vehicles were painted using airbrush and with details brush painted.


Large Deathwing Force

Again I’m catching up on commissions done over the past month, so expect a deluge of post in the forthcoming days. Lets start with this Large Deathwing Force. This Deathwing force was assembled and painted to Level 2 Quality. All the miniatures were to follow the Games Workshop studio colours with just sand for […]


Ultramarine Vehicles and Hard Hitters

I havnt had a chance to put up a post in a while. These Ultramarines were completed several weeks ago. They are part of a much larger commission which has many many more Ultramarines to come as well a large selection of scenery. These Ultramarines were painted to our level […]


40k Fireraptor

This Fireraptor was painted to our Level 1 quality. The vehicle was mainly painted with airbrush with some subtle shading airbrushed on to the plates to give it some dimension. After that a light bit of weathering was applied. The pilot and interior was painted with green with some basic […]


Roboute Guilliman of the Ultramarines

Its been a while since we completed this commission, I remembered to put it up on our Facebook page and Instagram but forgot the blog!. Anyway we have just recently finished a Level 5 quality Roboute Guilliman, primarch of the Ultramarines. This miniature is part of a larger Ultramarine commission which you may have […]


Start Collecting! Blood Angels

The Blood Angel starter box “Start Collecting! Blood Angels” was painted to our level 2 painting quality. This level is great for large amount of infantry or vehicles for quick play.   At level 2 most of the base coat and highlights are done with an airbrush and the details being […]