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Khador Butcher Warhound

The Butcher

More Khador miniatures have been painted up for the Khador army commission. We’re currently getting the miniature in batches as each batch takes a while to paint due to the display quality paint work.

Sonnia Creed

Sonnia Creed – Malifaux

Well I finally got to paint my first Malifaux miniature. I’ve been back painting and doing commissions for over 2 years now and this is the first time i’ve had a chance to paint Malifuax, and boy was I in for a treat. Then new 2nd edition plastic miniatures are highly detailed in a nice hard plastic.

Crimson Fist

Warhammer 40k 25th Anniversary Model

It’s not often that I actually get time to paint something for myself let alone anything for my armies. One of the downsides of commission painting is that you often don’t feel like painting when it comes to your own miniatures. In fact i’ve been playing a lot of Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing as its a enjoyable game but everything is already painted (pretty nicely for machine painting).

Vladimir Tzepesci

Vladimir Tzepesci, Great Prince of Umbrey

Vladimir is the first off the line of an upcoming Warmachine Khador army. The client is just beginning their Khador army and wants the whole army painted to Display quality (its going to look spectacular). The basic theme of the army will be to follow the Khador red colours of the studio and to have all the miniatures based on snow covered ground.

Shadow Hold Troll
Painting Tutorials

Painting Guide: Twelve Elements of War Kickstarter Miniature – Shadow Hold Female Troll

We were recently commissioned to paint the Shadow Hold Female Troll from the Twelve Elements of War Kickstarter to a Display Standard. The miniature itself is a finely detailed resin model supplied in two parts; the body itself and the arms holding the axe.

Slaanesh Chaos Lord

Slaanesh Chaos Lord

We recently painted a Space Marine Chaos Lord to a display standard. The Space Marine is part of the Dark Vengeance Warhammer 40k starter box. The client wanted it painted in Slaanesh colors with black and pink being the prominent colors.

ater Lacrimosa Final Image

Kabuki Model’s Dark Messiah Mater Lacrimosa

I was recently engaged to paint a Kabuki Model miniature of the Dark Messiah range, the Mater Lacrimosa. The miniature was to be painted up to Display Standard with the only caveat being that a flowing cape was to be sculpted and added to the miniature. I had free reign on the color scheme.