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Stormcast Eternals

These Stormcast Eternals from the Warhammer Underworld Shadespires were painted to level 4 quality.


AOS Khorne Horde

Lots of bloodthirsty warriors for the blood god. These Khorne Age of Sigmar warriors were painted to level 3 quality. They’re painting scheme was to follow Games Workshop’s version as well as being based on a desert landscape.These were painted to level 3 quality.


AOS Khorne Force

This small Chaos force from Age of Sigmar was painted to level 3 quality. They were painted to follow the studio colours closely as there will be more miniatures to come for this small force which will need to tie into the colour scheme. They were finally based on a […]


Chaos Slaughter Priest

This miniature is not acutally a commission. I had this miniature sitting all alone on my work table since it came free with a White Dwarf magazine a while back. I just gave him a quick paint job whislt I watched a movie last night.


Warhammer Age of Sigmar – Ironjawz Army

A little while back we completed an Ironjawz Army. We normally don’t get too many level 1 or level 2 quality work thus we don’t have many pictures to show people in our corresponding galleries. So I was quiet happy when this commission came through. The commission was broken into […]

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