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Painting the Sons of Horus colour

Recently I painted a Sons of Horus Space Marine for the Horus Heresy game. I realised only after I started that the paint scheme would make a good tutorial as the colour is completely custom-made. So I had a Mk1 Rogue Trader miniature that I have always wanted to make a Sons of Horus miniature. So apologies that the miniature in this tutorial is not a recent one, but it will do for this demonstration.

To begin with, the miniature was under coated in black.

Sotek GreenDawnstone GreyNurgling GreenCastellan GreenBiel Tan GreenBiel Tan Green


To begin with we need to create the base colour. Make enough of the base colour as you will be making the highlight colours from the base colour. The base colour made from 25% Castellan green, 25% Sotek Green, 25% Dawnstone Grey, 25% Nurgling Green. These colours come from Forgeworld website. After you have base coated the miniature with this mixture, wash all the painted areas with Colia Greenshade wash.

Sons of Horus

Step 1 & 2. Bascoat with Green Mix followed by wash

The first highlight is created by adding an additional 25% Dawnstone grey to the original base colour mixture. These highlights are painted around the edge using a size 1 brush so it has a little thickness to it.

Sons of Horus

Step 3. Highlight with 20% more Dawnstone Grey

The next highlight (the edge highlight) was made by adding another 25% Dawnstone grey to the last batch of highlight mixture you made in the last step. This colour is applied to the edge of the armour plates.

Sons of Horus

Step 4. Highlight Edges with 205 more Dawnstone Grey

Finally to give the colour its green complextion, add a 50% water and 50% Biel Tan wash over the entire painted area. Be careful to ensure that the wash does not pool in any area. We want to add a filter as such to the green/grey color rather than a shade.

Sons of Horus

Step 5.  Difference with and without the Biel Tan wash

Sons of Horus

Step 5. Wash with thinned down Biel Tan Green

Finally paint the gold and silver of the Sons of Horus colour scheme to compliment this unique base color.

Sons of Horus

Step 6. Final look with all the gold and metal painted on

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  1. Malakai says:

    Great tutorial. Best SoH scheme I’ve seen. It seems to be a really difficult color for people to nail down but you’ve done it.

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