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Addam & Tywin

The first characters on horse back are the Lannister’s Addam and Tywin. Both characters armour had to reflect their high born status and thus included a little gold (or a lot in Tywin’s case). We begin by painting Addam…


Kevan & Eddard

Another two characters from Battle of Westeros have been completed. This time one from the Lannisters and one from the Starks; Kevan and Eddard. The painting began with the usual black undercoat prior to basecoating and highlighting.

Battle of Westeros Lannister Knights

Final Lannisters Marshalled

Just a quick update on the Battle of Westeros commission. The Lannisters have finally be finished with the addition of the many, many spear men and knights. Now to next is to do up the colour scheme for the Starks, the other house in the base game.

Battle of Westeros Lannister Archers

More Lannisters Painted

The First wave of the Lannisters has been completed. It comprises of the footmen and archers from the Battle of Westeros box set by Fantasy Flight. I found the overall miniature quality quite good with very little flash to trim off it, and not much (though a little) bad molding.

Battle of Westeros: Lannisters Colour Scheme

Battle of Westeros: Lannisters

These are the Lannisters troop contingent included in the Fantasy Flight board game Battle of Westeros based on the Novel and TV series Game of Thrones. These troops have been painted up as part of a current commission.