Additional Stark Forces

Additional Stark ForcesMore Stark forces from the Battle of Westeros board game have been completed for a commission. This batch includes the horsemen and Kennelmasters.

With the sheer amount of miniatures that are included in this board game, I’ve decided to make all the horses and hounds the same colour to ensure that I can move through the painting in an effective production line run.

To begin, all the horses for the horsemen were painted in a GW Bestial brown and highlighted up gradually with a mix of GW Bleached Bone.

The horse skirting and the tabard where base coated in GW Administration Grey and highlighted up white. A brown line was painted around the horse skirting to break up the tedium of the plain white.

The armour was a simple base coat of GW Boltgun metal and highlighted with GW Mithril Silver. Only one highlight was required for this as there is very little armour showing and the miniatures were quite small.

The coats were painted in GW Calthan Brown. The raised areas were highlighted up using a mix of Calthan Brown and Bleached bone.

Finally the base was painted with GW Gretchin green and flocked.

The Kennel Masters took a little bit of time as the details on these miniatures were more pronounced – which meant you really wanted to capture all the details.

The wolves were painted first with GW Charadon Granite, then dry brush the raised areas (legs, paws, face and top of the back) with GW Fortress Grey. Final highlight of a mix of white and Fortress Grey were applied to the extreme raised areas. This was repeated on the Kennelmaster’s furry pelt.

The Kennelmaster’s clothing were painted in GW Calthan Brown. The raised areas were highlighted up using a mix of Calthan Brown and Bleached bone. His paints were painted in GW Dheneb Stone and highlighted with a white. Any metal armour parts were painted in the same fashion as the Stark’s horsemen armour as described above.

Additional Stark ForcesAdditional Stark ForcesAdditional Stark ForcesAdditional Stark Forces

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