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Gloomhaven Miniatures – Spoilers

Warning, the images in this post contains spoilers to the Goomhaven game. These miniatures were painted to follow the character cards in the game. They were painted to level 4 quality for the client.


Space Hulk

Ok i’ve still got some draft posts of commissions finished a while ago to still put up, so bare with me. This Space Hulk commission was painted to level 4 quality following the standard Games Workshop colours. Space Marines Genestealers


New Services and Opening up for Commissions Again

Hi everyone, we’re slowly catching up on our current commissions. Before we begin taking on new commissions again, we will be changing our current processes and services to ensure that we are able to deliver great commission paintwork as well as allow us to deliver some new services. We will […]


Kingdom Death

As part of our Kingdom Death Special we ran earlier in the year, here are some Kingdom Death Monster miniatures painted to level 5 quality with Non Metal Metallics and a little gore for the Nightmare Ram.


Ultramarine Characters

These Ultramarine Characters are the final batch for the large Ultramarine commission that has been completed over the past year. This batch contains the characters for the army. All these miniatures were done to level 5 quality and with NMM techniques for the metallics. vv


D&D Mimics!

A real quick one here, some Mimic creatures from D&D painted to level 3 quality.



This special Necromunda commission. Mad Donna Unlanti was to be painted in a specific colour scheme. It was painted to level 4 quality with the Australian Gold and Yellow sport colours and a blue Southern Cross starred chain sword.


Ultramarine Predators

These Predators are the last of the vehicles of the large Ultramarines Commission that you have seen being painted over the past several months. Again these were painted to level 4 quality. Most of the blue colouring were airbrushed with all the detail works painted with brush.


3D Printed D&D Miniatures

These 3D printed miniatures were supplied by the client. They were to be painted to level 4 quality following a particular colour scheme that represent the clients characters in his RPG game.


Stormcast Eternals

These Stormcast Eternals from the Warhammer Underworld Shadespires were painted to level 4 quality.